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Guide For Food And Wine Tours In Spain


If you are thinking of going on a food and wine tour where you can enjoy life to the fullest, there’s no better place than Spain. Here you’ll find some of the best drinks, food, and people to make your tour experience great. Your visit to the different siestas and fiestas in the country will be incomplete if you don’t get to a firsthand experience of their food culture.

If you’re in Spain or planning a visit to Spain, and wondering what you can eat or drink, continue reading to find out more because this article contains different Spanish delicacies as well as food and wine tours spain to give you an exhilarating food experience during your tour.


One of the quintessential dishes for anyone visiting Spain is the Paella. It’s a unique dish to try at least once during your tour because even though all the base recipes are the same, there are many other ways to enjoy it.

For the original one, you should try the Paella Valencian, which includes pork and chicken in its recipe. A few locals also like to include rabbitsin their recipes. For a seafood lover, Paella Negra or Paella de Marisco is a nice option to consider, as they both include mussels, squid, clams, and prawns.

On the other hand, if you’re a vegetarian, the Paella Vegetariana is the option for you to try. Even though the dish is generally meaty, it’s worth noting that this remains the best option for vegetarians and vegans.


Unlike other regions, Spaniards like to wait until 10pm before they have dinner. This implies that you may need to have a snack late in the afternoon so that you won’t have to eat anything until supper. For this, you might want to consider trying Charcuterie, which is made from meat and cheese.

The meets include chorizo, morcilla, and Jamon, while the cheese mostly includesQueso Zamorano, Idaizabal, and Manchego.

Fresh-Caught Seafood

Spain has miles and miles of coastlines, which makes it easy to find different fresh seafood in the country. Therefore, if you like to have seafood, you can rest assured that you’ll find them in abundance during your tour in the country. What’s more is that the country has a myriad of seafood options that you can try. If you’re wondering what options are available, you should consider any of the following:

  • Gambas al Ajillo: This is a dish made from olive oil, chili pepper, and garlic. It’s usually taken with bread to soak the juices from the delicacy
  • Pulpo a la Gallega:This is unique to people in Galicia, which is in northwest Spain. The dish is mostly served as a tapa, and it’s made with sliced octopus and boiled potatoes. To boost its taste, it’s seasoned with paprika and salt.
  • Boquerones: This is also known as fried anchovies, and it’s a dish you can have if you visit Granada. Most people like to eat it with mushrooms and Cerveza while standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

During your tour, you obviously won’t only be trying dishes. You will want to spark things up with a glass of wine. Here are some of the popular Spanish red wines you should try:

  • Gomea Cruzado’s Crianza, which is made from 20% garnacha, and 80% tempranillo grapes.
  • Vizcarra Senda de Oro on the other hand is 100% tempranillo.

There are also different white wines that you might want to consider trying, and they include the following:

  • 3 de Tetuan is an organic wine that has a series of white fruits include and is made to give a Mediterranean feel.

El Jardin de Lucia’s Albarino is another option you should consider.

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